Our customers think …

In 2004 I had the opportunity to attend a Sales Seminar in SM&Co. It’s been many years and I can onl…

Best working tools
Through the years in communication training to our staff and our network of clients SM&Co. continues…Important role
Add value to relationships and feelings in our communication with clients and colleagues, is a proce…Add value to relationships
SM&Co. It has been and continues to be part of our success; I want to share our satisfaction and tha…Part of our success

I remember fondly my first sales course while I was with Mapfre in Barcelona, back in 1990, in which…

True master
Breaking a cycle in which you are immersed is very difficult. SM&Co. has the ability to make us see …Impossible is a real possibility
Friends of Strauss Milligan: We appreciate the opportunity you have given us to know ourselves bette…Know ourselves better
Motivation, desire for change, clear objectives, intuition and strength to continue to improve, has …Desire for change
SM&Co. It makes us see new ways and perspectives of relationship with self management, employees and…New ways and perspectives
We needed to enhance the skills and competencies of our sales force. We did it and we keep on that l…Enhance the skills

Article of the month

We implement business transformation programs

Helping your people adapt to change by aligning all parts of the organization to the new business environment through an 8 to 32 hours change programs. The ability to manage change effectively is an essential skill, whatever role you’re in.
It is a well-known reality in business today: competition is getting much tougher. Many companies try to position themselves as “Customer-Centric”. But what does that really mean? To be successful at Customer Centricity, you have to get everyone working together to deliver a superior customer experience with your company. Getting people to act together as a Customer-Focused Organization is extremely difficult. Executives consistently underestimate the issue of people alignment. They blame people for being “difficult” or “resistant to change”

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Our principles

El cliente

Our customers are our most important priority

Marcar la diferencia

We do things different to make a difference

Energía y vitalidad

We transmit vitality and energy to the process that we all enjoy

Sin límites

We have no limitations to overcome what was promised and expected


We love what we do and we do what we love and we are proud of it


We have a strong sense of loyalty to our customers.

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